You Don’t Have to Live With Aging Skin

  • Like the rest of your body, your skin can’t operate at its best if it is improperly nourished or hydrated. You’ll start to see problems surface, like acne, psoriasic, and eczema. Many doctors treat these symptoms without dealing with the underlying problem: poor diet and dehydration. Doctors understand that this is the problem, of course. But many of their patients would rather have a pill that could do the work for them. Rather than making easy lifestyle changes, they ignore the real problems at work in their skin. Of course, sometimes people simply don’t have much time to implement meaningful changes. They are busy and stressed (another big problem for skin). That’s why I’ll make these changes really simple. Drink more water. Everybody’s got time for that. Drink it until your urine is clear. If you drink coffee or alcohol or use medications of any kind, drink more. If it’s cold and dry or hot and sticky, drink more. When you’re in the habit, make sure you wear your anti aging mask. The anti aging mask works way better when you are hydrated. Now that you’re hydrated, work on improving your diet. Eat simple foods – simple in that you can easily understand the ingredients that go into them. Lots of chemical preservatives are in many of the foods you buy in your grocery store, and these unnatural substances may bring out the worst in your skin. But if you eat stuff made from natural ingredients, your skin will be able to use what’s the in there. This will make your anti aging mask work a lot better.
  • You’ve also got to get active. I’m not saying you have to run a marathon or climb sheer cliff faces. But you should find something active that you enjoy doing (dancing, walking, bicycling, doing yoga) and do it 30 minutes a day, 6 days out of 7. Studies show that older people who do this regimen (no matter what activity they are doing) have a 40% lower chance of dying for any reason. If you’re not old, start now. This habit will make you much healthier overall, and increase the efficacy of your anti aging mask.

As you might have figured out by this point, these tactics aren’t just for the benefit of your skin. If you do these simple things, you’ll be much healthier overall! Lots of people look at a problem on their body and think, “How do I solve this one problem?” But your body doesn’t work like that. It’s not a machine that you can take apart piece by piece and reassemble (unless you’ve got an awesome surgeon). Instead, it’s a bunch of interconnected systems, none of which are expendable. When one goes wrong, it hurts all of the others. So if you can do things that benefit the whole system, you’ll naturally improve the state of your skin. It’s possible to have “the best skin of your life” at any age. You can be 80 and have baby soft skin that radiates health. It takes a little work, but it’s good work that you’ll learn to enjoy. And so will your skin.